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SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR is transdermal. It uses computer-modulated, electrical impulses to stimulate your brain (electroneuro-stimulator). The brain responds with its own signal which is picked up by the SCENAR.

The SCENAR interprets the brain’s response and modifies its next impulse back to the brain to restore balance (active reflex biofeedback)

During this ‘conversation’ of constantly varying electrical frequencies and waveforms, the brain also instructs the nervous system to generate Neuropeptides -biochemicals needed by your body to heal.

After an injury or onset of disease the communication system between the brain and the affected body part can deteriorate. SCENAR breaks the body out of this habit and restores effective communication.

TENS units provide pain relief. Electroacupuncture instruments lack any bio-feedback capability. SCENAR has energy measuring functions, real-time feedback and constant adjustment to deliver just the correct type and amount of energy to the body.