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Breast Health

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Appalled by the increasing number of women diagnosed with breast cancer, I designed a one-hour power point class filled with facts and self-care which every woman can incorporate to keep her breasts healthy.

Would you like a class in your neighborhood or to your group?  Let’s arrange that!

Call: 250-328-3811

Healthy, supportive, comfortable custom-fit bras:

As part of the Breast Health class, I researched extensively to find a bra which would encourage lymph flow, critical to breast health.  I found the TAB bra, designed by a lovely woman in Vancouver.  After the class, I custom fit interested women in a TAB bra, and consistently hear comments like, “This is the first bra I’ve ever worn which fits and feels comfortable!”  TAB bras also improve posture, take pressure off the shoulders and hug you as it supports from underneath your breasts.

Click here to visit the TAB Bra website!