Welcome to Integrative HealthCare!

Would you like to see what the clinic looks like? Just click through the photo tour! The clinic is at once professional, calming and inviting – a little oasis in which you can relax and feel confident that you will receive skilled, compassionate care. I am dedicated to helping you attain your health goals and enjoy a healthy, pain free, and meaningful life!

What to Expect on your First Visit:

During your assessment, we will review your Health History together. I will take your pulses (in Oriental medicine you have 6 on each wrist), and examine your tongue for colour, coat, and other diagnostic indicators. I’ll address any questions or concerns you have, and then proceed with your treatment.

Depending upon your position of comfort, you will lie comfortably on the padded treatment table or if you prefer, be seated on a chair. You will remain fully clothed except for the areas to which I need access, and those will be draped with a soft blanket. With your treatment underway, you will relax for 20 – 40 minutes as the pins do the work. You have the option of relaxing music or quiet. I will check in with you frequently and you will have a way to call me should you wish. Patients report a greater sense of well-being and relaxation for some time after treatment.

I allow up to 1½ hours for your first visit so there is plenty of time to answer your questions, establish clear treatment objectives and provide you with professional, personalized care. I will formulate a treatment plan addressing your health concerns and goals. It may include botanical prescriptions, lifestyle guidance and dietary modifications along with the schedule of treatments you will need to achieve the best results in the fewest number of treatments.

I am an approved Health Care Provider for the following insurance companies:













I am also an approved Blue Cross provider for:


Veteran’s Affairs

Active Forces


Fire Fighters


Extended Health Plans

Most extended health benefit plans cover acupuncture treatment. Please check with your employer or insurance company directly to confirm coverage.

Medical Services Plan of British Columbia (MSP)

MSP will cover $23 towards treatment for a maximum of ten (10) treatments per calendar year if you have premium assistance.  The ten treatments are a combined total, with physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic.

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

If you are a veteran, the DVA will likely cover your treatment with an M.D. referral. Please call ahead with your K# and we will confirm coverage and obtain authorization.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

The RCMP Benefit program provides coverage for acupuncture treatment with an M.D. referral.

Acupuncture Treatment Fees


  • 55 min.

Single Treatment

  • 55 min.

Multiple Treatments

  • 25 min.

*Traditionally, acupuncture therapy is administered daily, for several days in a row, typically 5-10 days consecutively, followed by a short break of 1-3 days, and then another course of 5-10 days of therapy, as needed until the symptoms have been alleviated. In some cases, acupuncture is administered every other day rather than daily. A schedule of once per week treatment means that a course of 10 acupuncture treatments can easily take 3 months, compared to 10-20 days in China. In many instances, the weekly acupuncture appears adequate to address the patient’s needs. However, it is frequently reported that an acupuncture treatment helps the patient notably, but the apparent effects wear off in a day or two.

If a patient gets treated once per week at a cost of $80 per treatment (with $110 the first visit), the cost for 10 treatments over a three month period is $830. If a patient, instead, came for a course of 10 treatments over three weeks (average of 3 treatments per week), and paid $110 for the first visit, $80 for the second but $40 for the follow-up treatments, the cost would be $520. This is not only less cost, but potentially far more effective treatment, and more convenient for the patient, who visits for only half an hour during most of the treatments. Either the therapy is working or not by the end of 10 treatments and, if it is not, the patient can move on, instead of waiting three months to find out.

Laser Therapy Fees

Laser Therapy

  • 55 min.

Laser Therapy

  • 25 min.

Acupuncture w/ Laser

  • 55 min.

Personal Consultation Fees


  • 25 min.
Please find the following forms available for download and have them filled out before first visit (if applicable):

Health History (PDF)

Laser Treatment Health History (PDF)

Patient Success Stories

Patient satisfaction is paramount in my practice.  Patients have kindly shared their experience on Rate MD’s click here to view.

Many of my patients have kindly written great testimonials in notes and letters of thanks, which I keep in a binder in my waiting room.  Here are excerpts from a few:


After 9 months of neck, jaw, and ear pain, weekly consultations and treatments from various specialists – Jennifer made significant headway in only 3 treatments!
Rita Ranks
These treatments have alleviated the intense symptoms of fibromyalgia for me, making my life again worth living. And then there’s the treatment’s effectiveness for stress, menopausal discomfort, PMS, and the health-related impacts of running a business…! It works!
Jean Crozier
I took a serious fall off a ladder…received a very painful lower back injury…Within two weeks of working with Jennifer and five sessions of this wonderful acupuncture medicine I was ready to face the world again.
Christine B.
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter for Jennifer Strong. After being to doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists etc., it was Jennifer who through several acupuncture treatments cured my foot problem. It was caused by heel spurs, a growth and fallen arches. The pain was there for four months and disappeared after 10 treatments. Jennifer not only handles herself in a very professional manner, but is friendly and efficient.
Jim M.
Dear Dr. Strong, Heartfelt thanks to you for your kind & compassionate care over the last several years. My health and well being have improved tremendously and I thank you for being such a blessing to me.
After one treatment, my bad knee feels better than my good knee!
George Pugh
Hi! My name is Marie H. I’m 14 years old and I take acupuncture from Jennifer Strong…After she had given me a few needles I was really surprised, I had not felt a thing…It is so relaxing sometimes I fall asleep…my asthma has gotten better, a lot better!
Marie H.
I have suffered for about 25 years with migraine headaches and a sore neck…I had some apprehension in the beginning, now I would recommend acupuncture to anybody. Not only is the treatment not painful, but also it is an opportunity to relax in a very soothing environment. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Strong for three months and have had more relief than all the doctors and medication have given me in the past.
Gwen B.
I had a kidney transplant…I find Jennifer to be very thorough & gentle and personable. It has been a year since my last kidney infection…I am very pleased with my improvements.
Gail C.
I was desperate – I had so much pain and thought I had tried everything…Then I phoned Dr. Strong…her compassion and caring shone through and she gave me hope…Dr. Strong explained what she was doing and why…Acupuncture has enhanced my life and my lifestyle.
Janet H